The Author

Who is Hilary Wilson?

Hilary Wilson, the author of the Spellwise™ Synthetic Phonic Programme, is a skilled and experienced Special Needs Teacher and Tutor, having had over 35 years teaching experience in Primary Education as a Class Teacher, Deputy Head and SENCO.

Hilary has always been a passionate crusader for the rights of pupils with Special Educational Needs and in 1992, founded ‘Spellwise™ Workshops’, a Saturday morning spelling school in the West Midlands that supported pupils with reading and spelling issues.

‘Spellwise™ Workshops’ ran for over 12 years, using a highly structured, foundation programme. The programme was developed with the help and assistance of Sue Blake, teacher, colleague and mentor. The ‘Spellwise™ Workshops’ foundation programme became the bedrock of the Spellwise™ Synthetic Phonic Programme.

The carefully crafted, multi-sensory teaching and learning techniques employed in the Spellwise™ Synthetic Phonic Programme has proven highly successful for hundreds of pupils. It has rescued those who have failed when other foundation programmes have moved forward at too fast a pace.

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