Is Spellwise in a school near you?

At last I have updated the map to show where Spellwise has been bought and is being used in schools in the UK.  The map certainly shows how the news about Spellwise is spreading across the country.

It’s a chance for everyone to check out schools in their area and see what they have to say about Spellwise.  There’s no better recommendation than a school that has used the Spellwise Programme.

I was really excited last month to know that a school in Northern Ireland had recently purchased the Box.  I wish the staff and their children success with the Programme.

So Spellwise has officially travelled abroad!

A huge thank you to all you schools who are using Spellwise.  Keep shouting its praises as the viewings and recommendations are certainly growing and I am sending out my free DVD on a daily basis .

I’m off to another school in Birmingham on Monday to present the Spellwise Box.  It’s another chance to keep contact with the ‘workers at the chalk face’; those who put the creative nuts and bolts of the curriculum together to support their SEND children.  It is always a joy and a pleasure.

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