BRILLIANT NEWS: Validation of Spellwise

From the beginning March 2016, my Spellwise Programme can now be found on-line in Professor Greg Brook’s newly compiled book:
‘The Effectiveness of Intervention Schemes – Fifth Edition’, published by the Dyslexia – SpLD Trust.

Professor Greg Brooks is the Emeritus Professor of Education at the University of Sheffield.

To explore further, go to:-

(Spellwise index entry: Chapter 3.26, pg. 114)

The process began last year when I submitted my Spellwise Programme, along with supportive data from my 2011-12, 2014-15 research, to show the extent of progress children made using my Spellwise Programme.

Its validation and the fact that Professor Greg Brooks has felt it worthy of inclusion in his book has given Spellwise the status and recognition it deserves.   It is a great honour and I feel very proud that Spellwise has been validated and valued as a successful intervention programme for SEND children.


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